La Coquette – it is an elegant, sensitive and refined European Lingerie, Sleepwear and Nightwear, which accentuates femininity and affection, instilling confidence in own grace, elegance and uniqueness. La Coquette collections are created through sense and love for woman and her body, with all its nuances and short-comings.

Subtle and tender garments from La Coquette offer surpassing charm. Every La Coquette collection is embedded with zest, emphasizing the fine lines of female body.

Delicate French leavers lace, dainty Spanish, exquisite Italian fabrics and accessories of luxury means – these are the manifesto of La Coquette lingerie, making it truly posh, it is emitting charm and seduction, awaking wild fantasies and invoke Coquette in its owner – her natural essence.